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If you're serious about yoga Moon is the best and if you're just getting started you'll love her, she is a seriously cool yoga teacher!

She has a relaxed, gentle energy where she allows you to descover in your own time what is possible, whilst being fully commited to your healthy and wellbeing.

Moon's clear and concise instructions given with undertanding and care have the ability to lift your spirits and at the same time shape your body!




When I started with Moon I was a complete novice with zero flexibility and two broken knees. Within a few sessions, online, I was able to gain more strength and stability in my legs through Moon's excellent guidance. 


The sessions were geared towards beginners, however as I got better, the sessions became more and more challenging. Moon did a great job of curating the flow based on development but also feedback from the class participants.


I highly recommend Moon for both individual and group sessions, she is an awesome teacher/guide/professional.


It has been a privilege to be guided along the yoga path with Moon’s refreshing classes. Her dedication to the practice is really clear alongside her being a genuine and caring person.


She makes you feel settled, calm and relaxed from the outset and is supportive when it comes to finding your own balance and flow.


Can't praise her enough.


I haven’t really been into yoga before, always preferred the gym as my workout but then Corona changed everything, and I couldn’t be happier now to have discovered this amazing practice through Moon. She is an amazing teacher and has helped me keep fit throughout the quarantine and beyond.

I always look forward to Moon’s classes as they are relaxing but also challenging, so you really feel like you have done a great workout for your body, but also your mind.

She’s a lovely person, very reliable and really takes her time to explain certain poses or answers your questions.

I am very grateful that Moon introduced me to yoga and I can’t wait to keep improving with her guidance.


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