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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde


​"I look forwards to sharing my love of yoga with all those I'm lucky enough to guide. If you're interested in working together, drop me an email to chat or follow me on Instagram"


Moon Saker, an English yoga instructor and model.

Moon came to yoga to escape the uncertainty and judgement that comes with being freelance and a creative. She fell in love with yoga initially to stay in shape but quickly discovered it gave her so much more. 

Moon has featured in publications like Women's Health, Vogue and Metro. She has represented amazing brands such as Perfect Moments Sports, Adidas, D&G, Calvin Klein and Clinique. Additionally, she has appeared on screen in Love Sick and Bridget Jones's Baby, to make a few.

Yoga has brought balance to Moons life and through her respect for the practice and the strength yoga has given her, she new she needed to share her experience with others and so started her journey into the wellness industry.

Moon became a certified Yoga Instructor in Bali in 2018 and continues her studies in yoga, holistic health and fitness.


She teaches passionately with a focus on core strength and resilience through Vinyasa Flow. She creates playful and dynamic classes to challenge the body and mind alike. Along side this she teaches mindful Hatha, Flow to Restore, Prenatal Yoga and runs Children's Yoga workshops. 

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