The Austrian Challenge
with Moon & Skye

Due to the high demand of our Mallorca retreat, we've descided to host this Vinyassa yoga, hiking & nutrition focused retreat, in beautiful Austria.

When: 29th August- 3rd September 2020
Where: The Schloss, Trins, Austria
Price: From £850pp
What: Vinyassa Yoga, seasonal food, hiking, wild swimming, cooking workshop, adventuring, sunrise & sunset yoga & more...
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About this retreat

Not just a simple yoga retreat, broken down the week will feature:

  • kick-ass Vinyasa flow classes

  • build-you-up breakfasts on the tower

  • adventuring through Austrias hidden valleys & peaks, with an experienced guide

  • energising picnics with serean views

  • rejuvinating evening yoga

  • moonlight meditation

  • inspiring vegetarian feasts

  • cooking workshop focussing on nutrition

  • lake & mountain side asana practice spots

  • guided & walking meditiation practice

  • and a chance to spend time relaxing with a book or enjoying the traditional village of Trins

  • finish the week having challenged yourself, feeling calm but energised, glowing from the inside & having learnt something new.

Challenge yourself to strech & sweat, to reach the peak & flow into your headstand. Fill your body with goodness, calm the mind and honour your body with 6 days of clean air, good food & exersise.


Skye will be serving up a menu of feel good, bright & inspiring food throughout the retreat. Her family style spreads will feature local, seasonal produce intertwining flavours from cross the Middle East, Asia, Europe & Latin America.

The retreats cooking workshop will focus on nutrition to make your mind & gut happy.


Moon will lead twice daily Vinyasa classes designed to challenge & energise the body & mind. 

The combination of heated flows to stregthan the body with calming meditation & regenerative streches will alow you to feel your progress & see a transformation.


You will explore your body whilst uplifting the senses with mountain plato yoga & a humbling silent meditation hike.

More information coming soon!


Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have about the retreat or if you are as excited as we are and would like to reserve your spot:

(+44) 07854138973